Q. Who Are ML Doctors?
A. We are an independent Medial Reporting Organisation appointed by your solicitors in order to arrange a Medical Examination to assess your injuries.
Q. Why do I need a Medical Examination?
A. In order to claim for compensation an independent medical report is required to determine the nature and extent/severity of your injuries.
Q. How long will it take to get an appointment?

A. We will make your appointment as quickly as possible, this is usually within 4 weeks of our receiving instruction, however if a specialist is required, or an appointment is needed in a sparsely populated area this may take longer.

Q. How far will I need to travel for my appointment?
A. For a standard GP we endeavour to get an appointment within 10 miles of your address, and if a consultant is needed we endeavour to appoint within 20 miles.
Q. What if I cannot attend?
A. If the appointment is not convenient or you cannot attend please contact us immediately on 0161 839 3703 or email services@mldoctors.com and we will rearrange the appointment for you.
Q. Will I have to pay for the medical?
A. No, we will pay the examiner and be paid in return by your solicitor, however if you do not attend the appointment and fail to let us know beforehand you may be charged a non-attendance fee.
Q. How long will the appointment last?
A. Typically appointments last about half an hour but may be much quicker.
Q. Do I need to take anything with me to the appointment?
A. Yes, bring a form of photographic ID with you.
Q. What happens after the examination?
A. The examiner compiles a report which is sent back to us. The report will be verified and sent on to your solicitors who will then contact you to advise you on the next steps. If further reports or examinations are needed we can organise these.