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No matter how large or small your lawsuit, how particular your expert witness search, how urgent your various legal support needs, ML Doctors makes the litigation process easier and more cost-efficient as served law firms of all sizes in all types of cases around the country. Whether you need a GP, A&E Consultant, Orthopedic Consultant, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, or any other medical expert witness, ML Doctors's in-house medico-legal professionals and vast network will source the best possible match for you. Simply give us the details of your need and we will respond with a CV that matches your requirements. Upon approval of the referred medical expert witness by you, we will schedule an introductory call to ensure satisfaction before proceeding. ML Doctors will then serve as an intermediary as necessary for scheduling and coordination. Whether it's medical records retrieval, report preparation, or travel arrangements, ML Doctors’s full resources will be just on telephone call away.

We are trusted partner with the legal community by delivering a superior method of selecting and retaining medical experts for personal injury and medical negligence ML Doctors is staffed by a dedicated team of in-house physicians and legal professionals. Our experienced staff quickly and cost-effectively screens cases and ensures your legal-medical strategies are on target. Our in-house professionals are prepared to consult, recommend and arrange for medical analysis and testimony as dictated by the individual needs of our clients. Our experience, resources and large proprietary database enable us to quickly identify and interview a number of potential medical experts on your behalf and provide you with the CVs of those who are best suited to your case. Become an ML Doctors Medical Expert

To join our prestigious panel of medical professionals, please forward us your CV and contact information and you will be contacted by our Medical Staff Department to discuss the application process, reimbursement and other procedural issues.

To provide the legal community with the best direct, personalized and professional Medical Legal Expert Witness services.

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